Tuesday, 28 October 2014


This work is a reaction to the suffering the towns, villages and inhabitants of the Middle East have been enduring in recent months.  It would have been too much of a cliche to portray actual destruction and instead, I have taken an abstract approach.  I have tried to show a chaotic and broken situation by combining bits of fences, broken windows etc.in an impression of general mayhem.

The eyes observe the destruction and the strands show tears of fear as indicated by the teardrop shapes.  I have left lines of thread dangling down deliberately to add to the chaos.  Whether this works or not, I leave you to judge.

I have used a collage from my own photographs and free machine stitchery on a photo transfer background.


  1. Really like this piece and the interpretation you have taken on the theme of Townscape.

  2. Stunning visual image and very thought provoking. We in the West must thank our lucky stars that we live away from conflict and battle!. A very well observed piece which I just love, well done.

  3. I feel I must also use the word stunning!!What a super piece of thought provoking work.