Monday, 19 May 2014

Ice or Space!!

My first thought was Mont Blanc so the background is ice white with FMQ, then crosswords jumped into my mind with all their 'blank' spaces, so I stamped some squares onto pieces of Lutradur, stitched around them and them burnt through the spaces with a heat gun. Finally I found some foam letters with sticky backs and these helped to emphasise the crossword part of the quilt. By accident the Lutradur ended up looking like very crisp snow!


  1. Good idea for the theme. I was taken aback by the QUB letters in tip middle. Living in Northern Ireland they stand for Queens University Belfast.

    1. Ah, sorry about that Irene, to me they were just random letters that I acquired from a granddaughter! That's the problem with "random", it usually means something to somebody somewhere.

    2. HI Anne. I was just commenting. I was tickled by it being so relevant to me.That is what I call lucky randomness.