Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Filling The Blancs

I wanted to find out if some white 'stuff' called waves was useable or just for decorating flower bunches! Base of calico was covered by sari strips, one layer of Lutrador and 2 layers of the 'stuff'.  They were placed with spray adhesive and the free machined.  I then used a set pattern to draw the squares.  I used my ancient Pfaff to do this piece and it behaved beautifully.............this is after my husband removed a pin from its interior.  This had been causing problems for ages!
The piece was heated with my heat gun,  the Lutrador melted first and some of the top layer........so it was plastic!  It all looks a bit like the frost patterns we used to get on windows.

Frost in the Morning


  1. I like this Margaret, very original and good to know that the "stuff" you have is plastic and melts!!

  2. Very nice, Margaret. I love the effects made by using your heat gun.

  3. I do like the effects you have achieved.

  4. It reminded me of a frosted windowpane also, but much more comple with the addition of the sari strips. Very inventive and wonderful texture. This is a feast for the senses.