Wednesday, 4 December 2013


The original inspiration for this work came from old engravings which portrayed the cosmos as a series of concentric circles.  I started with the idea of using my favourite 'Tyne Reflections' for the centre.  These were manipulated to give the idea of the swirling universe.  I thought that the yellow-orange outside circle would form an arresting frame. 
There has been a great deal of coverage lately about 'the Surveillance Society' so I used a pattern based on a camera for the black and white outside.  A fractured circcumference to the yellow circle appeared accidentally so I kept this as it looked like the flares from the sun's corona.  The planes are drones watching our every move and the text refers to the fact that conflicts between groups are as old as man.

Free machine embroidery was used to emphasise the design and I added an holographic medium (now, unfortunately, unobtainable) to add sparkle for a starry univerrse.


  1. What an interesting piece, Jenny. Thanks for sharing the ideas behind it.

  2. What a great piece. So much meaning behind it. I can not take it all in and how you did it. Would love to see the piece in reality, it is so very complex.

    1. Thanks very much Irene. You say that you would love to see the piece in reality. If you are coming to the CQ AGM next year might that be a possibilty? I would love to meet you anyway as we seem to have a similar approach to ideas.

  3. What a superb piece-and such an interesting story behind it.

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  5. This piece is striking. It's got lots of energy, and conveys a strong impression. Thank-you so much for sharing the story that inspired your Cosmos contribution.