Sunday, 11 August 2013

"Block Busted"'s me playing catch up again.

My architecture piece was going GREAT....then hit a snag.  But I was working on a demo for a technique and this just seemed like the perfect time and technique for the "Breakthrough" challenge.

Even if we don't hit creative "blocks" as such, time constraints and other stresses can derail creativity on any given day. (or is that just me???)  Then the force of just "having to make art" breaks through and the creativity flows again. So here is my version of busting that block.  Appropriately titled...

"Block Busted"

Here is a view of it from the side so you can see the 3D effect.


  1. I love how this piece turned out! And no it is not just you. The last 2 weeks I have not been creative at all. Unless you call reorganising my studio and playing FV2 creative?

  2. What an interesting piece. How did you manage to keep your cut edges upright?

  3. The background looks fantastic, a very dramatic piece.