Friday, 28 June 2013

Light and Dark

This month's theme gave me the chance to use my favorite colors :-), black and white. As I am exploring abstracts, I made another abstract for this theme. The grey is a pounded fabric, the other 2 colors are commercial ones. I admit that I finished this quilt 2 weeks ago, but I have been so busy that I did not had the time to post it to the group. Or leave comments on your posts. Trying to catch up, before I fly home again coming Sunday.


  1. This is most effective Wil.Can you explain pounded fabric?

  2. Lovely quilting and of course I love black and white. I assume you quilted before adding the pounded fabric... that has a query already about it. I thought at first it had been reduced to a pound. Irene

  3. Yes, I normally quilt before I add the applque. To create pounded fabric you put a piece of wet fabric in a plastic bag. Dilute acrylic aint with water and use a house ainting brush to dabb the aint over the -crumbled- fabric. Close the bag and leave it at least for a week. Because of the capillary reaction of the aint you get a lovely effect. Open the bag a but and leave the fabric till it s completely dry. Iron it and that is it.