Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tiles 4 ----- to the theme Light and Dark

I use up some motley yellow fabric that I  had painted. I overpainted this with sun reactive paints and used a stencil as my main mask.  I put my painted pieces in the greenhouse so the wind would not disturb my arrangement. I was amazed at how well they came out. By the time I came to print a length  for the border the lovely sunny days had passed. After waiting and waiting I one day rather impatiently  chose what I thought was a sunny spell but as soon as I was ready to take it out the sun practically disappeared. 
I free machine quilted round the motifs. A rather mindless piece but I so much enjoyed doing it. I am looking forward to using this technique on other discarded fabrics and with different colours.

I felt it fitted the theme of dark and light both in execution and with the result.


  1. Very striking design! This is a technique I hope to try one day -if we ever get any sun.