Tuesday, 22 January 2013


My original idea for this challenge was The Color Purple, but when I was working on that I changed my mind. After all the last couple of months I have been making all kind of trees and what would be more fitting than the Tree of Souls or in other words the movie Avatar :-). Not only I could create another tree, but I love the movie.

For background I used 2 different blue fabrics, tore them into strips and placed them overlapping each other on the batting and background. Next step was to quilt them and applique the tree shape on it. What was time consuming was to create the branches/tentacles. For this I cut lengths of metallic Madeira thread and pulled them through the machine stitches, knotted them and kept them hanging like this. The effect is a bit 3-dimensional. And to be honest I had no other idea how to get this effect.


  1. Very atmospheric. Wonderful and the branches will move with wind currents and have a life of their own. Very atmospheric. I have done some hangings where I made a feature of hanging threads and I love the way they move when they are on display. Still thinking about my piece for this theme.

  2. Absolutely stunning!! Totally takes me back to those haunting scenes in Avatar. You accomplished the atmosphere extremely well!