Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My dream ......

is to live in a red barn like this. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature. In reality I live in a town in a crowded small country. Unfortunately I cannot yet retire, so for the coming years this will remain my dream. Unless of course I win the lottery :-))
Background and garden is made from commercial batiks, the barn and the sky from handdyed fabrics and the windows are made from mulberry bark.


  1. A lovely dream. I do hope that it comes true for you one day, Wil.

  2. The sky is wonderful and I like your choice of fabrics for the leaves.
    Do you see your red barn as living in America? I live in almost country, with trees all round and up a lane and I get very excited when staying somewhere with people passing by or where one can walk to the shops.
    Irene MacWilliam

  3. What a lovely dream.I love all the beautiful fabrics.