Monday, 2 July 2012

As I said yesterday I found this theme very difficult. My first thought was what am I going to do as I do not remember any dreams. I sleep and wake up ready to go with no memory of dreaming. In desperation I decided to just use the word  - Dreams. I played with it in photoshop and then printed out the variations so I could trace them onto bondaweb. I tried various backgrounds and liked this one best. However I took a photo of the words on another background and then decided I would do a companion piece. The piece is quilted with quarter inch vertical lines in red, with a few red spots on top of the words.

Here is the second one to the theme on a printed black and white striped background. It has horizontal black line quilting following the stripes. I think I will call them- Shattered Dreams or Fractured Dreams if I ever show them. I can not decide which I prefer.


  1. Wow! I love the way you have interpreted the theme. I love the title Fractured Dreams.

  2. I love the wayyou interpretated this theme. My preference goes to the b/w piece

  3. I think the second has it but only just - but both are wonderful (I'm always intrigued by words and images which aren't immediately obvious and sort of judder). Glad to have found this blog, having heard from Mandy about the group.

    And by the way, your comment found its way to my blog after all!