Friday, 30 September 2011

Hot Air Balloon

Two more quilts have been completed and both Hilary and Kelly have problems with uploading. Here is the picture and information Kelly send me:

While looking around on Google Images with my granddaughter one afternoon, we came across the page full of hot air balloons. That is when the inspiration hit me (finally!) I loved the colorful balloons and set about to design one for the quilt.  I found this piece of black netting with colorful metallic dots on it.  And I happened to have hand dyed fabrics to go with the colors of the dots.  Then drew the whole balloon on paper and cut out the pieces to use as a pattern. I tried to keep as many of the dots on the alternate pieces the colors of the fabrics on either side.  The balloon is all raw edged applique. Painted very faint clouds in the sky with Lumiere Pearl White paint. The "ropes" on the balloon are from my collection of speciality yarns.  I didn't include the basket because the balloon would have had to be smaller and I wanted it quite prominent.  All fabrics except the black net w/dots are my own hand dyed cottons.

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