Monday, 19 October 2015


I know that this is very late but ideas take a long time to mature.  I eschewed the obvious interpretations of my theme e.g homeless placards, glitzy buildings, deprived people and obvious deprivation and excess in favour of a more subtle approach.

I took a very showy flower - in this case a paeony and developed it as the central image.  It is intended to be a metaphor for wealth and fine living.  It is safe in its enclave because it is surrounded by a spiky barrier which separates it from the perceived 'riff-raff 'on the outside.  However, this part on the outside is now being colonised by the rich too as shown by the golden circular 'islands'.  There is chaos outside as represented by the angry streaks as they try to cling on.

I am motivated to do this piece because, living as we do in Greater London, we are very aware of the extreme housing crisis in the capital and inner suburbs particularly.

Techniques include photo transfer and free machine embroidery.

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  1. Another wonderful piece. I am delighted to have the explanation as it adds so much to an already riveting piece. I do appreciated your thought processes. I like to think I work a bit the same way as you do. Do you have a larger than A4 size printer or are your pieces seamed. Difficult to see in the enlarged image. Not that that alters the wonder of your work but would love to know.