Sunday, 1 June 2014

Filling the blancs - Irene MacWilliam - May theme

I got a notion I wanted to do something with a lot of yellow, then the question was what to do on the surface of my yellow fabric. I decided to again do something abstract using off-cuts. I had fun and am well pleased with having produced a very cheerful piece. I have to add yellow is my favourite colour.
I had this piece sitting on top of my sewing table as it cheered me up looking at it, BUT a robin got shut in our kitchen which has access to my sewing room and my piece ended up with a bird dropping, which I tried to remove. I can still see where it is/was and am wondering whether to fill in the area with an extra little red dot. -- that would end up with me filling a blank area, albeit with something very small. The arrow in the next image shows where the bird splat was.


  1. LOL naughty robin. Leave the piece as it is, I really like it. And I have to confess, yellow is not my favorite color.

  2. I agree with Wil, leave the piece as it is. I really can't see anything form the photos you have posted.

    1. Problem is I can see the ghost of the bird dropping on the piece, my eye goes to it when I look at it.
      Best thing to do is probably leave it for now and get on with other work and the garden.
      It is funny how few people like yellow. I have always liked it.

  3. Hey...the poor robin was just doing his part and filling in a blank!! I say leave it and consider it a collaborative piece!!

  4. I can't see the bird dropping at all, and I clicked on the photo so it would be as large as possible. I'll join with the rest and say leave it alone. To me, this is a very exuberant piece. Lots of fun, lots of life, lots of motion. I like it a lot.

  5. This shows your usual brilliant design sense and it is beautifully balanced. I am in awe, and jealous, as to how successful you are with offcuts. When I try it is just a jumbled mess!

  6. I forgot to say that I can't see any trace of the robin either. It was obviously very well brought up!

  7. This has a great Kandinsky feel to it, very balanced and colourful, so very well perceived. A lovely piece of work.