Monday, 15 July 2013


I combined this theme with a lesson I had to make for one of Katie PM's classes. My starting point was a picture of a lighthouse:

On a piece of paper I copied the outlines and drew a grid over it. This resulted in a picture with a lot of lines :-)) which I had enlarged to the size of 12"x12". This enlargement I copied onto transparent paper and gave every piece a number. And more drawing was to come. The next drawing was onto paper backed stabilizer. Much more preparation than I normally have when I make a quilt. Now at last it was time to start playing with fabric.
As you can see from the next picture I used lots and lots of different fabric. Only a few pieces in the sky are the same but that is mainly because I am running low on blue fabric. When all the tiny pieces were pinned where I wanted them, I could iron everything down. The quilting I kept simple as there was already so much going on in this quilt. Here is the finished result:


  1. Great to see how you worked on this piece. I love the fabrics for the rocky area.

  2. Thanks for all the detail, Wil.

  3. What a quirky piece-I really like this!

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