Thursday, 27 October 2011

Getting nowhere

Hi, when I suggestedthe title, "Size is not everything" I had been involved with an exhibition with our embroidery group and that was the chosen theme. We had to produce a piece to cover or mount on a prebought canvas 20 x 20 cms. When Wil asked me to think of a title I was stumped and then I thought having already worked on the theme I might use some of the ideas I had had but I am not getting anywhere. Would you like to see a picture of the piece I did which is all machine embroidery or is that wrong on this site to show something not related to our challenge? Over to you Wil on that as you have worked with an online group before.

Has anyone started their piece.

I thoughtI would jump in with some chat to try and get responses on how it is going with you all. I do not have a blog so am using this instead.


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  1. Irene, I would suggest show it on the yahoo group.